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The Most Commonly Used Ash Removal Methods of Fly Ash Dryer Dust Collector

Dust collector is a kind of special equipment and plays an important role in the operation of fly ash dryer, because it never work alone, but to support the use of other machinery equipment. The equipment cooperating with dust collector mainly refers to large sized drying equipment, such as the fly ash dryer. When carrying out drying operation, it must cooperate with dust collector, otherwise, the overall performance for drying will be seriously affected.

The dust collector is used to collect the dust produced during the drying process of fly ash dryer. With more and more dust accumulating in the dust collecting bag, it is urgent to remove the dust for fear that the dust collector of the fly ash dryers should not work normally. Different types of dust collectors use different methods for removing ash.

1. Back blow dedusting method

Back blow dedusting method is also known as back air dedusting method or inverse pressure dedusting method. This method generally adopts the compartment working system making use of the automatic regulation of the dust collector valve to produce an opposite-direction airflow with the filter air compartment by compartment.

2. Gas ring back blow dedusting method

On the outer side of the round filter bag within the dryer’s dust collector and close to the surface of the filter bag, there is a hollow ring with seams, which can do up-and-down motion and compress air. By virtue of the high-speed airflow ejected from the seam-like nozzle, the dust accumulating inside the filter bag will be blown away.

3. Pulse type back blow dedusting method

The pulse type back blow dedusting method has a stronger dust cleaning effect, provided that there is a mechanical device to generate pulse effect. Due to the strong cleaning effect, it don’t need the compartment structure when the filter bag is removing dust successively.

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