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Gold Separation Method

Processing ability: 0.2–16 m³/min

Impeller rotation speed: 191–400 r/min

Dimensions: 700×700×750–2200×2900×1400 mm

Applied material: non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals, non-metallic mineral, chemical raw materials, etc

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The Application and Description of Gold Separation Method:

The gold separation method is applicable for separating non-ferrous metal, black metal, noble metal, non-metal mineral, raw body and materials of chemical industry, which are subject to coarse separation, swept separation and flotation, so the useful ore are reclaimed.


The Performance Characteristics of Gold Separation Method:

1. Large inhaling capacity and low consumption.

2. Complete flotation circuit with inhaling air and slurry, no auxiliares are needed.

3. Process is easy to be changed.

4. Reasonable circulation of slurry decreases coarse sand sedimentation.


Before starting the machine, first check the bolts of all spare parts and before stopping the machine, manually spin the wheel to prevent the depositing of sediment from increasing the load of electro motor. During the working process, carefully adjust the height of the flashboard to maintain the stability of the liquid level, so that the mineralized bubbles on the liquid surface of the pump can be timely scraped to the launder. A certain space should be maintained between the impeller and the stator, and when the impeller is abraded, it should be changed timely, and the bearing inside the pump should be maintained every three month.

Mix the mashed rocks with water and necessary reagent in the mixing chute, and inject them to the pulp chute. Lead air to the pulp to make it form large quantities of bubbles, and some mineral particles that are difficult to get moist in water and that are generally called hydrophobic mineral particles will stick on the bubbles and float with the bubbles to the surface of the pulp to form mineralized bubble layer, and some other mineral particles that are easy to get moist in water and that are called hydrophilic mineral particles do not stick on the bubbles but stay in the pulp to discharge the mineralized bubbles containing specific minerals, thus completing the separation process.

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