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Temperature of Ball Mill is of Great Importance

We all know the importance of ball mill, however, few people attaches importance to the temperature on the ball mill. High or low temperature will directly affect the proportion of product quality and the life of the ball mill. Therefore, we must control the temperature during the operation of the ball mill, thus improving work efficiency and better finishing the milling task.

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Temperature is always a big problem when using the ball mill. During the operation, we must well control the temperature of the ball mill; otherwise it will have a great impact on the quality and nature of the materials.

There are many reasons resulting in the increase of the ball mill temperature. Firstly, the materials into the ball mill have high temperature, as well as the heat generated by the impact. Secondly, the poor ventilation of the ball mill, heat cannot be discharged in time. Thirdly, ball mill develops toward to the direction of large-scale development, but the proportion of heat per unit area becomes smaller. Fourthly, the temperature in summer is especially high, which leads to the raise of ball mill temperature and affects to the heat dissipation of ball mill.

No matter under what circumstances, we must control the temperature of the ball mill, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

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